Take the Missy Pledge


It’s no surprise that Australian singer Missy Higgins made Billboard Magazine’s 2008 list of “top ten green artists”. An outspoken advocate of living a greener life, her tours are known to be as carbon neutral as possible. Her concerts are powered by green power, recycling facilities are always available, and she travels by hybrid car or bio diesel bus wherever possible.

Missy’s also an enthusiastic supporter of the Sierra Club 2% Solution Campaign which advocates that if everyone reduces their carbon output by 2% a year, there would be a 80% of all carbon emissions by 2050.

Now a poster child (pdf) for the Sierra Club’s 2% Solution Campaign, Missy is encouraging her fans to join in and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem. And to help them get started, she provides a list of quick and simple ways to decrease your carbon output. Plus, if you sign the Missy Pledge, you can also get a free download of the unreleased version of her hit single “ËœWhere I Stood.’