Ecosalon Recipes: Curry in a Hurry


I love Indian food with its various curries, aromatic basmati rice, and fluffy, warm nan bread. Fortunately with a few good spices and fresh vegetables it’s not too difficult to create a tasty meal in a tolerable amount of time. But for those days when product over process is your mantra, enter Tasty Bite simmer sauces.

On a recent visit to the Natural Products Expo East convention in Boston I was drawn to the Tasty Bite booth much like a sailor to a siren. I watched the demo chef cook tofu and vegetables on her tiny stove, gently stirring in the Good Korma simmer sauce. One thing in particular that I like about this product line is that they aren’t too salty like many packaged sauces are. And you have to love their sense of humor. The Good Korma container reads:

Meditating on dinner? Look within. An entrancing serenade of spices, cashew, coconut and the gentle ringing of a sitar. Your souls will want seconds.

I also recommend Tikka Masala simmer sauce, with chilies, cumin, cardamom, coriander, clove and onion. Find all four simmer sauces in stores from Acme to Whole Foods, or online at Tasty Bite. Then rent some Bollywood flicks and have a Punjab party. Your taste buds will thank you.

TastyBite is offering EcoSalon readers a discount of 15% off any order over $30 made on the website. Enter ECOSALON in the code box during checkout.