The 7 Best Beauty Products for a Post-Workout Glow

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So, you made it to the gym, or the mountain, or the pool or your exercise location of choice? Getting there is half the battle, so congratulations! These are 7 of the best beauty products to keep in your gym bag after an intense workout.

Now you’ve had a great workout and are feeling energized, but perhaps also sweaty and grimy. You don’t have time to run home and shower so keep these beauty products on hand to feel refreshed without much time or effort. Reward yourself for your hard work with delicious-smelling products.

After a workout, your endorphins are flowing and your cheeks are likely to be flushed. Rinse off the grime on your face to reveal a glowing complexion. Rely on your natural beauty with these eco friendly products and don’t immediately reapply make-up. Use a witch hazel wipe, tie your hair up and out of your glowing face, throw on some lip balm and you’re ready to go.

Don’t forget to drink tons of water after a workout and have a delicious leafy-green meal or juice. Use the energy from your workout to motivate you to eat better. I like to drink an extra bottle of water when I exercise and keep an apple or healthy snack on hand to eat immediately after.

The 7 Best Beauty Products for a Post-Gym Glow

1. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel towelettes


Dickinson's Witch Hazel

The face is probably the most important area to freshen up after a workout. There’s nothing like splashing cool water on your face after a long hike but it’s likely you’ve got sunscreen and sweat built up. Swipe one of these amazing witch hazel towelettes to remove makeup, sunscreen and grime.

2. Caudalie Cleaning Water 


caudalie makeup remover

If you didn’t have a chance to take off your makeup before hitting the gym, use a gentle makeup remover to get rid of those raccoon eyes. I find the French brand Caudalie makes the best formula. It’s not oily and feels so gentle.

3. Nature’s Gate Fresh Mint Toothpaste 

Nature's Gate Toothpaste

For fresh breath after an intense sweaty workout I like to use this clean tasting toothpaste.

4. Kai Body Glow

Kai Body Glow

If showering isn’t an option use a spray-on moisturizer with a subtle but sweet scent so you smell like a garden and less like the gym. Kai makes wonderful jasmine-smelling products and the body mist is my absolute favorite.

5. Fresh Lotus Reserve Cream


Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

To hydrate your skin go with something light and non-oily. The bright cucumber smell of Fresh’s Lotus Reserve cream is irresistible.

6. Weleda Rose Deodorant

Weleda Rose Deodorant

Don’t forget to re-apply deodorant post-workout. Weleda’s rose deodorant comes in a pretty glass bottle and is free of harmful chemicals.

7. Yarok Feed Your Shine 

yarok feed your shine spray

To instantly refresh hair, use a few drops of this shine serum spray which is made from sesame oil, coconut oil and delicious-smelling clary sage.

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