The 9 Cutest Rescue Animals on Instagram You Need to Follow Now

Cute rescue animals.
Nala Cat

With so many things outside of our control right now (like the President’s Twitter feed), most of us probably need some sort of release. For some, this might be regular yoga practice or listening to an audiobook. While for others, passing the time away looking at cute animals on Instagram is the way to go.

No matter your preference (whether you’re a dog person and not a cat person and vice versa), these cute rescue animals on Instagram will be sure to bring a smile to your face and some lightness to your heart. While the focus of our list is certainly weighted towards adorably furry mammals, it also features rescue animals. And we must remember that as cute as they are, it’s not just about being cute. Great photography from human the roommates is key on Instagram!

9 Instagram Rescue Animals We Love


1. Cole and Marmalade

Two pawsome cats, and their human roommate promoting pet adoption!



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2. Nala Cat

Nala is a mixed Tabby and Siamese–that explains her pretty big blue eyes. She was adopted from a shelter when she was just a wee kitten.


3. Mr. Bagel the Chincilla

Mr. Bagel, one chinchilla that is full of personality, promotes pet adoptions from shelters and saying, “no to fur!”



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4. The Dogist

The Dogist is a photo-documentary series about the beauty of dogs. The Dogist has created the Give a Dog a Bone program to support and promote organizations that shelter dogs.



5. Pumpkin the Raccoon

This Instagram account features Pumpkin The Raccoon, a rescued Bahamian raccoon, and her friends, named Toffee and Oreo.


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6. Juniperfoxx

Juniper is a rescued tame fox and her owners are working toward a worthy goal of becoming a sanctuary for mistreated and unwanted exotic animals.



7. Rosenberg the Dog

Rosenberg is a mix of Australia Sheepdog and Poodle. Both he and his human friend are campaigning for world peace.



8. Jill the Squirrel

Jill, is a furry-tailed Hurricane Isaac rescue who seems to be living a pretty cozy life these days!



9. Esther the Wonder Pig

If you haven’t yet read Esther’s amazing story, get on that book right now. In the meantime, you can follow this adorable rescue pig and her fellow sanctuary buddies on Instagram.

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