The All-in-One Food Essentials Scanner App


This app is pure genius. All you have to do is simply hold your iPhone up to the barcode of most food labels in the grocery store, click, and you’re instantly connected to an enormous database.

Get information on basics such as protein, fat and iron content, to the more sophisticated, like additives and allergens. You can even create a customized  profile to alert you to products that contain gluten, peanuts, milk or anything that could throw your system off kilter. The lists are easy to read and color-coded for quick identification.

The $4.99 Essentials Scanner App is also great for anyone who is trying to lose weight, as it can track calories consumed. However, you’re primary interest is weight loss, you might want to explore loseit, which can track calories consumed over time.

I like to think of the scanner app as an entourage in your pocket: nutritionist, allergist, and a personal trainer.