The Art of Shaving: Outrageously Perfect Natural Grooming Products for Men


Sierra Nevada Mountains in a cologne, a self-sharpening razor and all-in-one organic hops-based shampoo and soap. These outrageously perfect natural grooming products for men will have you swooning big time and falling in love with the art of shaving.

Yes, men pride themselves in getting out the door faster than an Olympian time clock, but that in no way implies careless grooming. Men still need to look and smell good too! So here is a round up of 3 outrageously perfect natural male grooming products that can make the art of shaving, well, more like an art and less like dragging a dull razor across your neck. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget to encourage them to clean in and around theirs ears, shall we?


Self-Sharpening Razor by Born Sharp

An automatic self-sharpening, self-cleaning razor with a single blade lasting up to five years and promising over 2,000 shaves? Yes, it is true. Arguably the greatest tech invention of the decade within the grooming sector, you can forget about disposable razors and excessive plastic–the Born Sharp razor is quality that lasts and redefines the art of shaving for good. ”I knew there had to be another way and we have to think longer term,” Steve Worthington, founder of Born Sharp told us. “The Born Sharp is a single blade giving you the closest shave possible, and it’s less damaging to your skin.” They’ve just ended an Indiegogo campaign, so keep your eye out when this product hits the market because there is nothing like it!

Born Sharp


Hop Shampoo & Body Bar and Shave Cream by Damn Handsome

“If you’re like the average guy, you’ve probably been getting your shaving cream from a can,” Damn Handsome says about their shave cream. “Well, that chemical filled tin does nothing for your face and smells like a dentist office. Our Old-School Shave Cream, on the other hand, is full of natural ingredients that nourish your face, organics hops that will help calm irritated skin and our fresh blend of lavender & juniper will leave you smelling earthy clean – not chemically.” Right. As if guys needed another reason to support the hops industry! The Damn Handsome convenient all-in-one shampoo/soap is also crafted with organic homegrown hops. Plus, it’s packed with other great stuff for your skin like argan oil, sunflower, aloe leaf and juniper to have any damn handsome mate looking and smelling great without unwanted additives–just the good stuff.

Scout Mob, $30


Yuba River Backpacker’s Cologne by Juniper Ridge

Finish that perfect shave up with a natural cologne. It’s California’s Sierra Nevada mountains in a bottle, literally. The guys behind Juniper Ridge are really just avid hikers thriving on the fresh freedom of the outdoors. For almost fifteen years they’ve hiked their favorite trails along the entire Pacific Coast crafting small-batch fragrances distilled from plants, bark, moss and whatever other botanicals they find along the way. Using old perfuming techniques, these scents never see any petroleum-based or chemical additives, only pure aromatherapeutic nostalgia.

Juniper Ridge, $55

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