The ‘Blackfish’ Effect: Kevin Smith Was ‘Haunted’ by Suffering Orcas

kevin smith
“Blackfish,” the film about the plight of captive orcas living at SeaWorld, continues to have an impact far and wide, most notably in Hollywood.
Director Kevin Smith is best known for his hilarious films, such as “Clerks” and “Mallrats,” but the man who is so skilled at serving up comedy with a big side of raunch showed his softer, more serious side on Twitter recently. After watching the documentary, “Blackfish,” Smith shared his thoughts about the film.

When Smith first tuned in to the film, he wrote, ”Finally watching @BlackFishMovie. Holy. S**t. This is depressing. I’m never going to a zoo or aquarium again.”

The film clearly stuck with the director, who took to the Twittersphere again the next day, writing:

“15 hrs since watching @BlackFishMovie and the mother orca screaming for her child still haunts me. Please, @SeaWorld: time to #EmptyTheTanks.”

The Blackfish Effect plows on! – Amanda Just

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