The Coat War


Fall is by far my favorite time of year. Having just a touch of coolness in the air as you walk around on a sunny day lends to layering and that is where my joy stems from. Only, I find there is a predicament as we move into cooler temperatures – which coat do you wear? And perhaps more importantly, which coat do you invest in for the season that will pull its weight through winter, as well?

At the moment, there seem to be three major coat trends leading the way.

First, there is is the classic lady-like wool coat. The longer length adds sophistication and allows you to wear it with dresses as well as trousers. I like the super warm boiled wool coat from Stewart + Brown.

Then there is always the peacoat, which tends to be a touch more playful and casual. Layer one from Henrietta Ludgate to keep your taste level elevated and interesting.

Finally, we have the puffer jacket. The down stole from Nau is actually the best of two worlds- the cape trend meets super warm structured puffs! This option is edgy and functional, which in the end is exactly what a fashionista is after.

As a friend of mine used to say, “These are good problems to have.” So, no matter what coat you decide is right for you, your environment or even your mood – you have plenty of options and a good problem on your hands.