The Definitive Guide to Wearing All Black This Summer (You Know, Like a Badass)

The Definitive Guide to Wearing All Black This Summer (You Know, Like a Badass)

Wearing all black in the summer: It’s no longer just for hostesses.

As much as we lurv our bold colors and prints that have summer written all over them, sometimes a girl needs to dip into the classics. And while wearing all black in the summer sounds totally batshit, the universal shade is becoming more and more known as a year-round wardrobe staple.

Here’s how to rock wearing all black this summer (without the whole melting thing):

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1. Choose your fabrics wisely

Go with lighter-weight and sheer fabrics. “A floaty skirt of gauze or silk ‘lightens up’ the impact of inky black and doesn’t look as heavy,” says fashion expert Dianne M. Daniels. “Remember to keep the fabric opaque enough that you don’t sacrifice your modesty, but not so heavy that there’s no chance of a breeze wafting by and keeping you cool.”

2. Jackets aren’t out of the question

If you’re madly in love with your vegan leather jacket and can’t part with it during the summer months, drape it over your shoulders instead, suggests fashion expert Mary Peffer. “This allows your arms and pits to breathe but still provides a polished look,” says Peffer.

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3. Cutouts are your friend

Wearing all black outfits that include cutouts or have an architectural feel will give your look a more casual vibe—plus insta-ventilation to keep you from sweating your tuchus off.

4. Wear airy shoes

“The majority of our body heat is held in our head and feet,” says Peffer. “Stay cool with open-toed sandals and heels.”

Image: Nordstrom

5. Add texture

Including hits of texture within your all-black look—an embellishment here, a new fabric there—will keep your look fresh and not harsh.

6. Add intriguing accessories

Adding all-natural accessories to your ensemble, such as wood bangles, will give your look that earthy appeal we love about summer outfits.

Image: Free People

7. Add a pattern

If wearing all black in the summer is something you need to work up to, get graphic with geometric patterns and shapes that include black, but that also include other colors to keep the look on the sunnier side, says Daniels, adding, “To avoid a ‘funeral’ look, use patterns to lighten up the overall vibe.” If Karlie Kloss can do it, so can you.

Are you a fan of wearing all black in the summer?

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