The Ethical Fashion Shows: Fashion with a Flair In Gay Paris


The tag line for the Ethical Fashion Shows hosted in Paris reads, “Notre but: prouver que la mode ethique peut etre a la fois tendance et parteuse de benefices sociaux et environmentaux.” For those of you who are scrambling to remember French vocabulary from high school, they’ve basically stated that their goal is to show that fashion can be trendy while still being ethical, environmental and socially responsible. Sounds like a good goal, non?

What’s better is that the Ethical Fashion Shows presented very wearable collections in the four day trade show with live catwalks. Hosted in the new Docks en Seine building, which is quite a new age architectural marvel itself, the design on design aesthetic worked well, affording designers the space to create interesting and artful exhibits.


With over thirty different designers exhibiting, here are but a few that made my short list:

Differing from the Green Shows in New York – the Estethica exhibit and Sustainable Show during London Fashion Week – the Ethical Fashion Shows were much more intimate with an educational element. Even the program held information regarding what constitutes an ethical piece of clothing, which was brilliant!


All in all it was a wonderful introduction to not only the local Parisian ethical designers, but many from Peru, India and other parts of Europe. I am confident that as the Ethical Fashion Shows develop, their fashion capital of the world host – Paris – will push their ambiance and presentation forward while keeping the educational segment in tact.

(Photos above are from the Peru Fashion focus catwalks during the Ethical Fashion Shows. Photo credit: Greta Eagan)