The Fall Appointed House: 5 Ideas for Turning Your Home Into a Nest

Get ready to nest-in this fall.

Welcome to post-Labor-Day. It’s officially time to ditch the white and tangy textiles of yesterday and get sort of serious – in the fall palette. Prominent this season are colors that harken the frost to come and the lush-toned hues of the autumn harvest. Sample this story, the dark leafy tones of freshly reaped chard.

Visit Design Seeds for more palette ideas, including the dewy drops of winter’s approach on a mature leaf. Ah, this season is divine.

But the season of change can also get expensive, what with new wardrobes to assemble and kids to pack off. Getting your home in the mood for winter’s ledge needn’t be so pricey. Here are five ideas to embrace fall with a few tweaks in the seasonal direction.

Warm Up a Sofa With Sweater Pillows

For example, these hand-knitted silk pillows by Ann Gish ($500+) or this DIY make-your-own sweater pillow project from Curbly.

Accent Surfaces in Crimson and Gold

‘Tis the (pre)season of sparkly accents and other tinsely objects, though nothing says fall like a smattering of gold-toned bowls — a minimal investment to spring you into fall.

Silkscreen Tumblers in Leafy Patterns

Here’s a great fall update for standard issue tumbler glasses via Houzz. All that’s needed are glassware, metallic glass paints, a sponge applicator and leafy adhesives, or silkscreens.

Change the Greenery

On trend this year is the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, spotted in glossy shelter mags and blogs all year-round. It’s a slow-growing plant that requires more than minimal upkeep. But for the outdoor gardener sentenced to cooler temperatures indoors, it’s the perfect interior project. Get your maintenance guide here.

Get Serious With Your Lighting

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer. Your lighting, therefore, needs to get a lot less daintier and more industrial. Try Steampunk inspired filaments from Restoration Hardware.

Or an upcycled mason jar, ideal for canning and a million other seasonal affective disorder busting to-do’s.

Image: West Elm

K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.