The Friday 5: Got a Head Full of Thoughts Edition

The best of EcoSalon’s stories this week.

French writer Albert Camus was a thoughtful man, and pondered many of the great questions through his strange, beautiful fiction (Why are we here? What does it mean? Why do we keep messing important things up, like our own planet?). Never encountered his work? Let Scott Adelson take you on an introductory tour.

For artists, cardboard is an evocative medium to work with, for its associations with poverty and its ephemeral nature. Cardboard sculpture is powerful – as these recycled cardboard portraits from Ali Golzad so clearly demonstrate.

Ad agencies are experts at getting into our heads and getting us to support brands. We celebrate the work of five advertising campaign experts, and the benefits and hazards of letting them play with our minds.

Anthropologie releases a new collaborative design project meant to shine a light on small fashion brands – and we all cheer? If only it were that simple. Jessica Marati investigates.

We hate plastic bags. No, really, REALLY. But while we might rail against urban tumbleweed in its larvae stage, there’s no denying that carrier bags are hard to give up – and yet that hasn’t stopped Rachelle Strauss from doing just that. So, are you up to the Zero Waste Trash Challenge?

Mike Sowden

Mike Sowden is a freelance writer based in the north of England, obsessed with travel, storytelling and terrifyingly strong coffee. He has written for online & offline publications including Mashable, Matador Network and the San Francisco Chronicle, and his work has been linked to by Lonely Planet, World Hum and Lifehacker. If all the world is a stage, he keeps tripping over scenery & getting tangled in the curtain - but he's just fine with that.