The Friday 5: That Sinking Feeling Edition

The best of the week at EcoSalon, hand-picked for your clicking pleasure.

As sea levels rise, so does the level of human suffering. Photojournalist Gideon Mendel’s series of films and photos, Drowning World, provides a powerful glimpse of the faces behind the statistics.

Let’s play a game. I say “music festival”, and you say? A fair few of you (primarily Europeans) probably just said “rain” – as would those currently attending the Isle of Wight festival. How many rainclouds can you spot in these 30 photos of musical festivals worldwide?

We’re not shy about telling the world about our loathing of bottled water – or rather, the way that water comes in “throwaway” PET plastic bottles derived from non-renewable source – so we were delighted to hear this week that the Coca-Cola Company is taking PET in a whole new direction

This week, it officially became offensive to name all the parts of a women in medically correct terms – in the House of Representatives, that is. In response, the rest of America says this: VAGINA.

Finally, on the cusp of midsummer, Johanna Kindvall recommends you sink your teeth into this traditional Swedish midsummer recipe. God hälsa!

Mike Sowden

Mike Sowden is a freelance writer based in the north of England, obsessed with travel, storytelling and terrifyingly strong coffee. He has written for online & offline publications including Mashable, Matador Network and the San Francisco Chronicle, and his work has been linked to by Lonely Planet, World Hum and Lifehacker. If all the world is a stage, he keeps tripping over scenery & getting tangled in the curtain - but he's just fine with that.