The Friday 5, Vol. 19

Great stories this week from EcoSalon you may have missed.

Is the adored American aesthetic a la Ralph Lauren a joke? In Part 2 of our exclusive series, Made in America, fashion industry insider Louise Lagosi investigates the harmful environmental and economic consequences of our love for both “American” style and cheap prices.

Representative Weiner is only the latest in a string of political scandals. Do we have the right to know the details of our legislators’ personal lives – and further, to judge their indiscretions? News editor Andrea Newell argues that the answer is yes. Hell, yes.

Avocado slicers. Apple corers. The Rachael Ray garbage bowl (yes, really). Will our affection for single-use kitchen tools never end? Columnist Vanessa Barrington takes a look at the most ridiculous cooking gadgets.

Single? How fabulous, honey. Sex and relationship columnist Abigail Wick thinks you’re pretty lucky, sharing six smart, sexy reasons it’s great to be on your own.

The Box. $600 of designer eco-friendly goodies, from sunglasses to beauty products, for just $99. No wonder it sold out in only 11 hours. But fret not: there’s one Box left, and you can win it free by entering the contest at Refinery29. Go on, get!