The Friday Five, Vol. 16

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories.

In Part 2 of The Post-Recession Fashion Industry-Discounted Sells, we take a look at how the fashion industry is emerging from its cocoon post-recession, a changed sector where consumers are more cautious, manufacturers are on their toes and designers are struggling to stay afloat doing business as usual. In this five-part series, we take a hard look at the fashion world, speaking with industry leaders, luminaries and experts. This week we asked: Has the recession turned us into cheapskates so we can feel like fulfilled consumers?

At the forefront of the film industry is an upbeat environmental consultant, Lauren Selman, CEO and Producer of Reel Green Media, an organization designed to “help green the entertainment industry both on and off screen and create a new culture of entertainment that is committed to environmental protection and sustainability.” In Shade Grown Hollywood: Can A Film Shoot Ever Really Go Green? columnist Kathie Butler had the opportunity to speak with Lauren, who took her through the greening of Hollywood and the weirdest thing she ever had to recycle on set.

We never know what columnist Dominique Pacheco is going to come up for her weekly HeARTbeat. This past week we got to learn about Suzanne Tick’s weavings made from discarded materials. Pacheco writes: “The ethereal quality of thin metal doesn’t immediately give way to the knowledge that the medium is recycled from discarded coat hangers from dry cleaning shops. In fact, 2,555 dry cleaning wires make up RefuseDC, which was commissioned for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Offices in Seattle.”

Luckily this week, food columnist Anna Brones did a round up of The Top 10 Stories In Food You Might Have Missed. Brones writes: “In honor of food, and given that it’s the season for dinner parties and farmers market strolls, here are the top 10 food stories that you may have missed the first time around but are certainly worth a read, be they thought provoking political pieces, or just reminders of why we love food.” Happy reading!

Ever wonder what men think about when it comes to sex and love? Relationships are tricky but one thing we love at EcoSalon is that our columnist Abigail Wick is never afraid to dive in and attack delicate issues. In Sex By Numbers: Hot German Men In Cold Northern Climes, Wick interviews four Northern European men who offer insight into their culture’s subtle approach to love and loyalty.

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.