The Government Shutdown Is About You: That Happened


ColumnThe government shutdown has a lot to do with your reproductive health.

The effects of this week’s government shutdown are massive. Kids aren’t receiving access to cancer trials. The agency that certifies that organically labeled food is actually grown organically isn’t functioning. Have a civil liberty complaint? Hope it can wait because The Department of Homeland Security’s civil liberties complaint lines aren’t operating.

What was that about the right to life, liberty and … oh well. Whatever. What was important to Republicans earlier this week was that your employer wouldn’t have to pay for your slutty self to slut it up all over town. Slut-shaming at its best.

Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., breaks it down like no one else.

As this story develops, so does the backpedaling, thankfully. On Wednesday, Republicans removed the “conscience clause” from the funding bill. The clause would allow employers to judge women’s choices about reproduction by opting out of providing health care services that they find morally or religiously objectionable, including birth control.

The provision was part of a broader one-year delay of Obamacare.

But, this isn’t over. Check out Wonkette for what might happen if Republican dreams come true as the government shutdown drags on. Hint: Services in DC where most of them reside will remain functional, and national parks would reopen. Sorry, kids with cancer.

Image: qwrrty