The Green Guide to Sexy Summer Feet

Six products that soften and nourish our summertime feet.

Summer can be a tricky time for your feet. Unsheathed from the protective coverings of winter, our feet may react like vampires pushed into the sunlight – and not the kind that sparkle. That’s when our feet become accessories themselves, as we polish our toes and shine our heels. But what great green products to use? Here’s our picks.

Farmaesthetics Hand to Heel Softening Salve ($26.00)
Another outstanding product from Farmaesthetics, this salve offers up a deliciously minty moisture for your toughened heels. This calendula-based product provides up a soothing solution to your cracked heels, as well as burns, bruises and even eczema. It also contains beeswax, lavender, peppermint and carrot oils and is 100% natural with certified organic ingredients. And despite its hard-core moisturizing agents, it goes on rather light and absorbs quickly. Which is another way of saying we love this product.

Tade Natural Black Pumice Stone ($6.00)
Heels and tough spots are significantly softened, now how to make them go away? You pumice, I pumice, we all pumice! Sandals expose our feet to the elements, paving the way for cracked, tough skin. A pumice stone is a great weapon in the battle against big calluses. An excellent tool to help reduce the thickness of harder skin, this 100% natural volcanic stone can use used to exfoliate your heels or anywhere on the body that needs it.

Hydrea London FSC Certified Nail Brush ($5.00)

Perfect for your at-home pedicure, this ethically-sourced brush cleans your nails while exfoliating the skin around your cuticles. It has been made from wood assessed by the Forest Stewardship Council. Its short, Sisal bristles remain stiff while wet, giving you an advantage over unwanted dry skin.


Angel Face Botanicals Rock Star Detox Body Scrub ($19.00)
Want to go the extra mile for your feet? Place your tired toes in a warm soak for at least five minutes. Then treat them to this detoxifying scrub, formulated to draw out toxins and pollution from your body. This gentle, herbal detox scrub is quite moisturizing all on its own, offering up an easy solution to deal with dead skin and calluses. It has a lovely honey-citrus scent that will make you feel mini spa-angels have invaded your home. Not to mention, it’s formulated for the entire body.


Dr. Hauschka Body Silk Powder ($34.95)
Ready to dust the day off your feet? This light, talc-free powder can help deodorize feet (it happens) and can even been used as a translucent face powder. From holistic skin care pioneer Dr. Hauschka, the powder is made with finely-ground pure silk. As much as 98% of the plants in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are grown biodynamically, organically or have been ethically wild-harvested.


Badger Cuticle Care ($5.50)
When your toes are heading for epic dryness, this cuticle softener from Badger can help turn the tide. Made with shea butter, it contains Seabuckthorn Berry CO2 Extract which will help sooth your cracked cuticles. Badger calls it “delightfully fragranced” and we must admit that it is, carrying a light, lemony tinge to it. Badger shea butter is traditionally-processed from the seeds of wild-grown Karite Tree of Western Africa. It is also USDA certified organic.

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Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.