The GreenShows Set Designer Criteria

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Will you be in New York this February for Eco Fashion Week? (And do ya like how we’re slowly turning the tables on you, boring old Fashion Week?) The GreenShows should be your major focal point.

Touted as the only “premiere fashion event exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair trade fashion in New York City,” the venue, now in its second season, has peeled some serious rubber (not to mention, appealed to some really great talent).


Thieves by Sonja Den Elzen, Spring 2010

This time around, notable designers like Samantha Pleet, Thieves by Sonja Den Elzen, cmarchuska and eight others will debut their Fall 2010 lines to hungry eco-press and audiences hoping for something new from the sustainable front.

Samantha Pleet

Designer Samantha Pleet, photo by Jacqueline Di Millia

This is a challenge when all designers participating in The GreenShows have to abide by a “Designer Criteria” which means they have to include some aspect of the sustainable design industry. In this case it means:

1.    Vegan/Animal Free
2.    Ethically Produced
3.    Fair Trade
4.    Organic Materials
5.    Recycled Materials
6.    Ethically Produced Wool
7.    Natural Dyes
8.    Carbon Footprint Conscious

Let’s hope it also means really well crafted designs that don’t play it too safe.

Main image: The Daily Green

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.