The Heart of Art: Fateful Fingerprint

seriesLuxurious silk and sharp acacia thorns as a human fingerprint.

Another EcoSalon favorite at Art Basel Miami Beach in December was Italian artist Giuseppe Penone. From afar (image above), his untitled piece on display at the show looks like a blown up image of a human fingerprint. Upon closer inspection (image below), we find thorns like weapons ready to wound, jutting out from the large canvas covered in beautiful silk fabric.

The juxtaposition of the dangerous acacia thorns with the luxurious, silky material is beautifully executed, tempting us like children eager to come closer and touch.

Editor’s note: This is the latest installment of Kim Derby’s new art series at EcoSalon, The Heart of Art. We heart art, and there’s nothing nicer than a midday dose to offer a moment of contemplation.