The New Green Voices: The 5 Best Green Fashion Blogs

Eco Fashion Blogging

Bloggers really are taking the fashion world by storm. They now rub shoulders with Vogue editors at the big international fashion weeks, interview famous designers and models and even create full time careers from marrying the digital world with sustainable design.

With so many fashion writers seeing the future in sustainability, I look at where the new green fashion voices are coming from and how to find them online. Here is a round up of five of the best eco style blogs.

1. Eco Fashion Talk

Pretty much a roll call of any sustainable fashion designer worth knowing, Eco Fashion Talk provides short and snappy summaries of the who, what, why and where of new designers and collections. Created by well known Sass Brown, author of Eco Fashion (former designer and now academic) this blog keeps you up to date on who’s who of eco design. With a particular emphasis on emerging and European designers, Eco Fashion Talk provides a truly international perspective.

Eco Fashion Talk

2. State of Green

Linked to an online eco style store of the same name in Australia, State of Green helps those of us living ‘down under’ with a full picture of modern sustainable design in the region. Far away from the fashion capitals of New York and Paris, it is refreshing to see a green living blog dedicated to the Asia Pacific. It covers everything from stylish ways to store books, to local fashion workshops and is one to bookmark for any Aussie green gal or those who are interested in some of the innovative fashion and green living initiatives developing on the underside of the world!

3. Things Your Grandmother Knew

This sweet blog is all about living simply, living green and living economically. It taps into a whole set of skills which have been lost through generations and carefully ties simplicity and sustainability together. Things Your Grandmother Knew covers topics from vintage living to recipes, sewing and shopping tips. The fashion pages delve into everything from how to deal with mystery holes in laundry, to how to make a swish evening wrap!

4. Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog

The motto of this blog is ‘making the world a greener place, one dress at a time’ and it sure does deliver. Fashion blogger Ceri Heathcote aims to inspire others, through her love of vintage, second hand and ethical clothing, based on the principle of buying clothes that will last for many years. Ceri is probably best known for being the brains behind ‘Style is’, the UK’s sustainable style search engine, which helps consumers find ethical alternatives to high end fashion styles.

Live Eco

5. Live Eco

Live Eco is all about ‘trending lightly’ and calls itself an eco chic essentials guide to doing just that when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The categories on this site are truly comprehensive as it covers everything from ‘street chic’ and ‘celebrity style’ to ‘weddings’ and ‘decor and design.’ It also covers stories from all around the world including South Africa, the UK and Australia. This one helps you keep your finger on the pulse!

Images: Anonymous Collective, Live Eco, Eco Fashion Talk