The Pope's Version of Ecology


The Pope has been speaking a great deal of late about the state of the world and pressing issues of morality – and even chiming in on environmental problems. But what exactly did Pope Benedict say that’s surely going to hurt more than help? He mentioned that saving the rainforest is just as important as saving humanity. Now there’s a welcome recognition of true ecology! Not that, then. But wait: he elaborated further to state that humanity needs to be saved from homosexuals. Come again?

I try hard to respect those with whom I disagree. I can understand that from the Pope’s religious viewpoint, same-sex relationships go against the exclusive male-female union advocated by the Church. But does humanity really need to be saved from people loving each other? If you ask me, I’m bothered by the Pope’s use of “ecology”. After all, it’s a word we hold dear here at EcoSalon.

Editor’s note: You loyal readers know very well that for us, green is just one part of a broader ecology we consistently explore and promote – one of balance, wellness, productive relationships, and a positive lifestyle. It’s about personal sustainability, and how each one of us can best fit into the bigger picture. To us, no matter what our personal preferences or spiritual practices, “ecology” means accepting all of humanity and figuring out how we can work together for the greater good of our planet and our collective wellbeing. So, we’re saddened by the Pope’s definition of ecology.

But what do you think?

Image: GcD^3