The Soma Water Filter: Tiny Footprint, Big Impact

Soma Water Filter

You’re not the only one who will enjoy cleaner drinking water with a Soma Water Filter. Now, buying one also gives money to clean water projects in Africa.

Even with the Clean Water Act, enjoying a glass of safe, delicious H20 isn’t as easy as you might think. Chemicals, residual pharmaceuticals, and straight up bacteria linger in even the cleanest public water supplies. And despite the higher price tag, bottled water isn’t much better.

Many have resorted to water filtration, whether a refillable jug or an under-sink system, to add a double layer of protection. Even these extra precautions have their drawbacks, however. Most only last a month or two before the filter becomes compromised, and then you’ve got to spend a lifetime buying refills.

Soma is a water filter of a different kind. The result of a successful crowdfunding project, the Soma features a beautiful glass carafe and 100 percent compostable filter made from all-natural Malaysian coconut shells, vegan silk, and food-based PLA plastic. Replacement filters are delivered right to your door via subscription service so you’ll never forget to replace the filter on time. But a unique, sustainable design is only the beginning of the Soma water filter’s positive impact.

Soma Water Filter

This month, Soma embarked on a partnership with charity:water, an organization that uses 100 percent of its public donations to fight the growing water crisis all over the world. Now, every time you purchase a Soma water filter, you’ll be helping to fund well-building projects in Africa, and giving people access to safe, clean drinking water for the first time in their lives.

As part of the partnership, members of the Soma team recently traveled to Ethiopia with a diverse crew of story tellers to record the every day life of those who struggle to find suitable drinking water, and how the projects funded through charity:water are changing their lives.

The charity:water partnership is “a reflection of the product–water without compromise,” Soma co-founder Mike Del Ponte told Fast Co. Exist. “We want to hit on every level: user experience, the charitable element, the subscription model, and with the storytelling, we don’t want the traditional video of one person talking. It’s experiential, auditory, visual.”

Image: SomaWater.Co