The Dish on Handcrafted Functional Pottery


Collecting functional pottery is one of the most charming ways to indulge your artisan sensibilities, and it’s a full-on trend these days. Start with this great article by journalist Mary Chao in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle for ideas on starting your collection of handcrafted dishes and serving pieces. Mixing pieces from different potters is creative and fun, and lets everyone at the table have a unique place setting.

Begin your search with the Matte Olive handcrafted stoneware pieces at VivaTerra (EcoSalon’s sponsor), then take a look at these chic, textured pieces at RoomServiceHome. Here in Boulder, I’ve found fabulously joyful pieces made by Thea Tenenbaum and Raffaele Malferrari, who split their time between Colorado and Italy – an enviable lifestyle that shows in their vivid colors and witty designs.

Be sure everything you buy is safe for use with food. Though some pieces can be dishwasher-cleaned, hand washing with mild, eco-friendly detergent may preserve colors better.

Image: Room Service Home