The Softer Side of Feng Shui


The ancient Asian art of Feng Shui creates grace and flow through structure, placement and props – wind chimes, mirrors, crystals and harmonious arrangements of furniture and objects. From tiny apartments to corporate office buildings, Feng Shui, done correctly and with reverence for its doctrines, is said to transform lives by allowing energy to move freely.

Designer and Feng Shui consultant Michelle Greenhouse takes a softer approach, with beautiful custom-made textiles based on Feng Shui principles. Through her company Feng Shui Textiles, she creates curtains, pillows, room dividers, table linens, bedcovers, headboards and more in richly colored silks and linens, designed with your space and your life concerns in mind.

If you’re not ready for a private consultation, start with a Three Harmonies Pillow or Abundance Pillow. I found this site through the Web site of the amazing Sri textile gallery – which deserves a post all its own, soon.

Image: Feng Shui Textiles