This Holiday Season? I Want A Cape


Every once in awhile, a piece of clothing grabs me in its attractive talons and whisks me away to want land. Capes are very on trend so at least I don’t feel like a freak regressing back to my mother’s fashion heyday. I was seven when they were in so I never got to fully, how do you say, partake?

This holiday season, if I get any of these capes I will freak out (mostly this top one).

The Oru, Haute Couture, $415

Capes come in many different shapes and sizes and maybe it’s the wide sleeves to accommodate chunky sweaters like this vegan number from Vaute Couture that has drawn me in.

Anthropologie Wool, Double Duty Cape, $248

This classic from Anthropologie isn’t too hard on the eyes either and would give me the tailored and tough Katherine Hepburn vibe I like in the fall and winter.

Vintage Wool, Cowl Neck Cape, Currently $76.00 on eBay

This paired with jeans or my Prairie Underground denim leggings is just ridiculous. Give it to me.

Vintage Wool Cape, eBay, Currently $27.89

And this toggle cape in a hunter green? I am a poet. I am a lover. I am a huntress.

Top Cloak Image is of The San Miguel Cloak, Bona Drag, $1,080.00

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.