This Holiday Season? Try Something Lacy


We all need to be more proactive with our friends and families about what we want for holiday gifts. I remember having an epiphany one Christmas when my mother bought me battery-powered, heated socks that took two D batteries in order to emit that warmth. Trying to sleep while camping was a blast with what felt like chunks of hard cheese nestled on my ankles. Nope, not another year of that.

I say why not tell people what we want so that they don’t waste their hard earned cash on things we’ll tuck away under our dusty dressers and so that we get something we really like? Isn’t that line of thinking sort of ah, sustainable?

This holiday season I want a few really good things but themes keep surfacing. This time it’s pretty lacy things.

Not lingerie, no, I want jewelry made from lace that will break up my tough winter looks and here are some favorites:

I came across Ceca Georgieva recently through Ecco Eco fashion writer Abigail Doan and could not believe something so pretty could come at such a low cost. Please bring me this back from Sofia Abigail!


Textile bracelet from hand sewn silk cord, $15

Another stunning line of lace accessories on Etsy is from White Owl, based in Detroit. Their delicate earrings and necklaces are so affordable and are your entire outfit.


White Owl’s Solange lace Earrings, $22

Seems we fashion writers are strangely on the same page this week with Ecouterre writer Victoria Klein in finding this gem which she says “blends old world charm with modern sensibilities by casting vintage lace and ribbon in recycled metals.”

Heritage with a capital H Victoria? Damn straight.

This is pretty but don’t count on it being price friendly. This little number from L.A. based White Fly will cost you some dough, or, roughly the price of 400 packs of D batteries for the tube socks you’ll get if you don’t share with your loved ones what you want.


White Fly Lace Cuff Bracelet, $4,500

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.