This Month from EcoSalon + Lost Crates: A Selection of Flip & Tumble Products

A carefully curated crate made especially for you.

Heard about our Lost Crates partnership yet? Every month we bring you a curated crate of green goods (that you can subscribe to), and for August we’re excited to be featuring a selection of goods from one of our favorite eco-friendly, design savvy brands, Flip & Tumble. Beyond making products that are meant to be reused, and from sustainable materials, Flip & Tumble is also a carbon neutral business, using their carbon credits to support environmentally friendly projects.

What’s in this month’s crate?

24-7 Bag
The bag that’s fit for just about anything. Roll it up into a ball, keep it with you at all times and you’re always ready to say no to plastic. (Pictured above)

Produce Pouches
Shopping for bulk almonds, fresh nectarines and a bunch of kale? Stash them all with this set of reusable (and washable) produce bags.

Felt Pod
Add a bit of color to a room with this little pod, made from recycled felt and perfect for storing your favorite succulent.

All this for $38 plus shipping and handling.

We caught up with Flip & Tumble to learn a little bit more about what they do.

What inspired the launch of Flip & Tumble?

It all started with the 24-7 bag, please see our story here.

Beyond making reusable and sustainable products and being carbon neutral, your business is committed to doing “the little things that matter”. What are some of those things that you do on an everyday basis?

We are very conscious of the materials we use in every step of our business from recycling paper in our office to the amount of packaging we use on our products. We really keep this in mind for all the things we do as a business.

If you could give just one tip for living a more conscious lifestyle, what would it be?

I think it can be overwhelming to think about all the things you can do to be more environmentally responsible. I find it really helpful to try and introduce one new green initiative into your life at a time and really figure out a way to make it work for you so that you keep doing it.

Sign up for a subscription and get your Flip & Tumble crate now.

Anna Brones

Anna Brones is a food + travel writer with a love for coffee and bikes. She is the author of The Culinary Cyclist and Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break. Catch her weekly column, Foodie Underground.