3 Recipes to Try This Memorial Day Weekend


I’ve been eating eggs on almost everything and anything lately. I’ll cook up a pot of beans just to have around and find myself heating them up and eating them with a fried egg on top and whatever leftover greens I have for a quick, filling meal. Brown rice and lentils also make a nice bed for a yolky, delicious egg. When you break the egg it coats everything in its own rich sauce, which tastes especially good if you use pastured eggs. I get my pastured eggs from my chicken and egg CSA at Soul Food Farm. Though my eggs and (insert a variety of items here) dishes tend to be impromptu, you could certainly plan yours out.

This Warm Fava Bean and Chanterelle Salad with Poached Eggs from Chow.com is a wonderful start. Bonus points if you foraged the chanterelles yourself.

The French certainly know what they are doing when they use duck fat to fry potatoes. It lends the richest, most addictive flavor and uses something that might otherwise go to waste. The Massa Organics duck I have in my freezer needs to be cooked this weekend. I’m going to save the fat and make these Crispy Potatoes with Paprika from Culinate.

I can’t resist posting another asparagus recipe before spring gives way to summer. This recipe For Roasted Radish and Asparagus Salad from The Kitchn is interesting because when you cook radishes, you get an entirely different flavor than you do when you eat them raw. It’s like buying two vegetables in one.

And this one isn’t a recipe but rather an inspiring post by Amy Sherman at Cooking with Amy that puts to rest the top 20 myths about cooking. Read it and you’ll find there are no more excuses for not cooking for yourself. Lots of links here to help you get started.

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Vanessa Barrington

Vanessa Barrington is a San Francisco based writer and communications consultant specializing in environmental, social, and political issues in the food system.