Throw an Eco-Party Without Planning


It’s not surprising that the green movement has found its way into the world of event planning – from weddings to product launches to graduation celebrations. Parties are fun, and trust me, I’m definitely in favor of fun.

But most parties will create more waste and use more energy in one night than a family of four will in an entire week.

To plan and execute a green event takes a little bit of resourcefulness and a whole lot of planning, not to mention some extra cash. Hopefully, this soon will change now that it’s more mainstream to watch our footprint as intelligently as we watch our calories.

If you’re the type whose planning techniques make Martha look unorganized and lazy, then these eco-event tips from the LA Times and MSN’s Living Green should be sufficient to get you started.

But, if you get light-headed at even the thought of choosing flowers and invitations and guest lists – well, you (and I) might want to call Toast Green Event Design.

Toast Green was started by three sisters in southern California who wanted to offer eco-friendly and affordable party choices to the green-conscious consumer. Their mission is two-fold: “1. to promote eco-conscious consumerism by proving that making ‘green’ choices does not mean sacrificing style, quality or dramatic effect – even on life’s most momentous occasions; and 2. to nurture the community of green service providers and promoters.”

They offer a number of packaged events for that special soirée, as well as the usual suspects. Check out their “green hosting tips” to learn more about how they do green.

Toast Green caters to the Southern California area only. Try Green Tie Affair if you’re in Western Massachusetts or Above & Beyond for New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Have you planned a party that went off with green fireworks? Let me know your eco-secrets!

Image: Cake Girl by Hyeyoung Kim