Wood, Metal & Stuffed Plum

There’s something perfectly balanced about the combination of exposed wood, raw metal, and plump plum upholstery – all perched on pristine white floors. Besides the crisp white floors (my pragmatic side is all too aware of muddy dog paws), I could move in tomorrow, maybe even today.

The entry to this regal house is the single best vignette in the house. From the antique floor covering made of rushes and leather to the eclectic combination of candlesticks, the sunlight bounces magically around the foyer (click here and learn how to utilize mirrors to capitalize on natural light in your own space).

Tine Kjeldsen is the creative icon behind Tine K Home (based in Denmark, but trickling across the globe). Tine’s personal dwelling (styled with some of the gorgeous products from Tine K Home) is captivating, explore the visual delight (I highly recommend it). Here are a few delicious glimpses.

The most alluring facet about this interior is that you can gather all the details for your own space. Most of the furnishings and accessories are straight out of the Tine K Home catalog. I’ll take one of everything (especially that metal and wood shelf, complete with dishes and ceramics).

(All images from Tine K Home. Journey to Desire to Inspire to see more of this tour.)