Tips for a Green Halloween


As Halloween approaches, you may be thinking in shades of orange and black, but this year, add some “green” into the mix.

-Make costumes for the whole family using organic materials. There are plenty of patterns to choose from at fabric stores and online for adults and children that are klutz-proof. So, dust off that old sewing machine and think eco!

-Before little witches and goblins come knocking, be prepared with a stash of organic candy, which you can find online at the Natural Candy Store. Opt for brands that use recyclable packaging.

-When it comes time for trick-or-treating, reusable bags are the way to go. (Pillow cases will do the job just fine.)

-Even though your kids will be in a hurry to ring every doorbell in the neighborhood, walk this route with them instead of driving.

-After the decorations are down, start a compost bin with jack-o-lanterns, fallen leaves and even food scraps. Your garden will be grateful for the rich soil this waste will create.

Image: yaxzone