To Congress, with Love


With tax season behind us and Earth Day upon us, our friends at the Sierra Club tipped us to a handy tool to bring both topics to Congress’s attention. It’s their DIY missive builder!

I’ve taken the liberty of writing my own letter to our reps and I thought I’d share it with you:

Dear Congress,

Can I call you Conny? So, as you may already know I’m a taxpayer, and have given my fair share to our communal Uncle. I just want to make sure you and I are on the same page. How are all those subsidies and tax credits for fossil fuel production going? All done with that stuff? I know my own write-offs can’t really compare, but, I think you know what I’m getting at. I know where you’re coming from when it comes to the benefits of my friends and I paying (or what do you guys like to call it…oh right, underwriting) fuel sources that pollute the environment.

In fact, I credit some of those gorgeous Los Angeles sunsets to them. (Certainly some of those colors wouldn’t exist thanks to nature alone!) And like the hair products foisted on follicles at salons across the country, the oil that coats fur and feathers can be quite stylish. I’m not sure the ducks and otters agree with me, but c’est la vie. They’re so au natural. [Commencing eye-roll at those hippies.]

How much is Big Oil giving Uncle Sam this year, anyway? Just keeping it square, you know how that goes. Oh, by the way – I’ll totally spot you the next time you and I go out for coffee. Order the venti, even! You know I’m good for it.

Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi and hope you’re enjoying the weather (did you know that March was the most unseasonably hot ever? I know, right?). That’s all for now.


P.S. This is from the Sierra Club’s website:

As Big Oil rakes in windfall profits, Americans are stuck with the bill. Whether we’re subsidizing their destructive drilling practices or paying to clean up their mess, Big Oil continues to see big money each year. If we are ever going to transition to clean energy solutions, the tax breaks and subsidies to Big Oil must end today.

Ask Congress to phase out subsidies and tax breaks to Big Oil!

  1. Personalize the message text on the right with your own words, if you wish.
  2. Complete the form on Sierra Club’s site with your information.
  3. Click the Send Message button to send your letter to these decision makers:* Your Senators
    * Your Representative

Share some of your own e-cards with us in the comments! We’d love to keep this chain mail going!

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in Christopher Correa’s weekly column, Hill/Street Greens, examining the environmental deeds (and misdeeds) of Washington, D.C. and Wall Street.

Image: mikebaird