To-Go Cups That Keep on Going


So you’re not a mug-toter. You find those large, billy-club like coffee containers to be bulky and awkward, not to mention that you have to carry them around or they sit in your car all day leaving a foul scent of retribution for having been abandoned. But there are other options – which also make thoughtful and unique gifts.

First is the I Am Not a Paper Cup created by artist James Burgess. The white porcelain cup comes with a white silicone lid for sipping while driving, or better yet, taking public transportation or walking. It’s small, always in fashion, and can be rinsed and tucked in a messenger bag and reused during your lunch break.

Another perfect size design is modeled after the iconic 1963 Greek New York City Coffee Cup which boasts “We Are Happy to Serve You” for $9.99. You, too, can have an item that is also being sold in New York City’s  Museum of Modern Art. Made of lead-free earthenware, the 10-ounce cup is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Last on my list is Michel Harvey’s reproduction of the paper cup with corrugated heat insulator for $15.00.

Now there’s no excuse for having a smelly car, or contributing to the landfill.