Totally Totes

Did you do what I had to do this fall and upsize your carryall bag? Stuffing a scarf or extra layer into your bag, not to mention those healthy snacks you started packing to get you through your workday, it all adds up and suddenly the handbag no longer makes the cut. Luckily, there are loads of functionally stylish totes out there to help accommodate your layers and lifestyle.

1. Gunas produces urban bags that are inspired by the architecture of the city, and ethos of sustainable fashion. These luxury vegan bags adapt from formal to casual and come in colors and styles for both sexes – a definite must for the city dweller!

2. Envirosax has been on eco-fashionistas’ radars for quite some time, but with the new graphic series their stylish workability has stepped up a notch. These bags are great for stuffing into your day bag to offer additional space for when you stop by the grocery store on your way home.

3. When you need a stylish bag you can rely on, Maggie Bags are one of the best options out there! Made from durable seat belts that are upcycled into different sized totes and messenger bags, Maggie Bags won’t let you down.

4. In a recent collaboration with Alicia Silverston, EcoTools launched a new cosmetic bag collection that includes an overnight bag. Made from hemp and recycled plastic lining, this super sweet bag may just seduce you to take that long weekend!

(Street style image in photo from Mr. Newton.)