Trained Musicians Bound for Greener Pastures on 28-State Tour


This train is bound for a greener planet. The brainchild of Bob Wolf of We Are the World Radio Simulcast fame, the Green Train will depart from Portland in April and pass through various parts of the country during a six-week whistle stop tour featuring musicians, actors, writers and artists. The final stop is Washington D.C. where it will spread the message: Drop your political and religious differences and “dig in” by volunteering for Mother Earth.

“The Green Train is an old fashioned way to deliver a new and simple message,” says Wolf, who personally phoned radio stations and TV networks across the globe to ask that they play We Are the World. “This will be a world’s fair themed train carrying exhibits and simple solutions to living green in a modern world.”


The train’s 20-plus cars and two flatbed acoustical stages will make its way across the map powered by biodiesel and solar energy during the 28-state tour through the West Coast, the Midwest and South before winding up in the East. A European trek is planned for 2011.

We re told all the names of performers will be released soon, but we already know Merle Haggard is on board.

Can they make green inroads by taking their art on the road? Organizers banding the talent together argue if only two percent of the population of the world got involved, there would be more than 130 million simultaneous positive acts and environmental projects for improving our world. This would show our children how people can have a positive impact on the planet.

“It’s not rocket science, just re-educating ourselves and finally realizing there is a major problem and it’s time to fix it,” they say.

Want to get on board by hopping on the train and riding or helping behind the scenes? Go to the site and learn more about the mission.

Images: Green Train Global

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.