Trend Alert – Draped & Divine


From Philip Lim’s Fall 2009 RTW

One of fashion’s best design trends to enter the current style scene is the element of draping.
Some of you are fanning yourselves wondering if I’ve taken a punch to the head but I tell you, it is a gift to us.
Luscious fabric looped and laying in places you need it to camouflage abdominal imperfections, draped dramatically to show one’s décolletage or side-swept to pull away the eye from areas beyond our control.
Yes, draping.

According to the Institute of Draped Clothes, (there is one), “In the ancient world, whether in Rome, Greece, Egypt, or Mesopotamia, draping was considered the most civilized way to dress. It was the art of the elite to gracefully arrange the folds of elegant togas and other draped garments. This tradition survives today in the unequaled grace of the sari. Yet at the same time, draped clothing has been the daily working attire of ordinary people, from the old ‘great kilt’ of Scotland, to the sarong and dhoti of southern Asia.”

Current fashion draping trends have steered away from the kilt and sari proper but inspiration from the ancient world lingers in pieces from internationally-recognized designers like Philip Lim (above) and here with Donna Karan:


For a more eco-approach to draping I suggest these burgeoning designers who prove that draping can be done responsibly:

Sublet’s Catherine Dress at Greenloop


She-Bible’s Monarch Top at Beklina


Prairie Underground Mothette Light Dress at Embodies


Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.