Trendland is an alternate universe carefully molded and built by Cyril Foiret and Ani Tzenkova, “Trendland is what it sounds like, a world of raw trends, waiting to be nurtured and defined.” Trendland is an online magazine and virtual amusement park for adults.

Stalking and hunting down style notes from all genres of culture including: music, art, design, photography, technology, pop culture, advertising, and of course, fashion, Trendland dishes out a multi-course menu of new ideas each day.”

Here’s a taste from the archives of Trendland.

Pia Ulin is a Scandinavian photographer, renowned for her talent and published in some of the top shelter and travel magazines. Ulin’s photographs are a mixture of gorgeous compositions with flawless details (above and below). Travel to the Trendland article to see more of Pia’s compelling images.

This beautiful collage creation of Pin-up glamor by Handiedan is an alluring “delicate cut & paste mixture wrapped in contemporary antiquity.” See more glorious pin-up inspirations at Trendland.

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