Cream of the Cup: Our 18 Favorite Triple-Certified Coffees

coffee beans

Triple Certified coffee – the gourmet, deluxe, connoisseur’s brew. Coffee that’s organic, fair trade and shade grown. Coffee that’s good for the people, the forest and the birds.

Here’s a guide to the cream of the cup. These sites are worth browsing for the grower’s stories and photos of the people and the farms.

Café Altura
Café Canopy
Café Fair
Caffe Ibis
Café Mam
Dean’s Beans
The Groovy Mind
Grounds for Change
Heine Brothers Coffee
Higher Ground Roasters
Higher Grounds Trading Company
Nectar of Life
Peace Coffee
PT’s Coffee
Pura Vida
Sabino’s Coffee
Tree Frog Coffees

Drop us a comment below if you know of any other Triple Certified coffees.

Image: Jeff Kubina