Tying the Knot with Julia Ramsey Knitwear

Custom knitwear gowns with staying power long after your big day.

With the royal wedding now less than 10 days away, there is no escaping the fact that “tying the knot” season is officially upon us. As a woman who eloped to San Francisco in order to bolt up the stairs of City Hall in stiletto boots and a tight wool skirt, I am not sure that I am the best judge of nuptial or even photo-friendly fashion. I can attest to the fact that a wedding is so much more fun when you are totally in your skin and every fiber of your being is in tune with the one you are uniting with.

If I were to do it all over again, I might consider donning an exquisitely handcrafted gown by knitwear designer, Julia Ramsey. The word is out by now that I have a real love affair with gorgeous textiles, and Julia’s couture creations speak as designs that celebrate fiber innovation and elemental beauty.

I discovered Julia Ramsey’s work during my last visit to the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, where this strikingly talented designer is currently enjoying a guest residency. With the mantra that “knitwear can be architecture for the body at its finest,” I was smitten with Julia’s cleverly seamless, body-hugging philosophy.

Enough of the corseted Duchesse satin gowns that become relics in one’s closet after a blowout affair – I love that Julia’s designs aim to “build a foundation” with fabrics and techniques that intelligently seduce while also highlighting the best of a woman’s attributes. Her Knitted Bridal Collection exudes a romantic, antique air but for an unfettered bride who might just forego the lace veil – or heels, for that matter.

All of Julia’s gowns are resourcefully custom knit and embellished with luxurious materials such as antique ribbons, delicate strands of pearls, and silk embroidery thread. Her adventurous design spirit is artistically reinforced by her other endeavors which include historic, sculptural knitwear projects, patterned textile experiments, as well as whimsical illustrations. She also revealed that a new collection will be launched later this spring – something that will add a new dimension to her current repertoire.

‘Venetian Collection’ by Julia Ramsey inspired by  historic Venetian architecture

With the current interest in zero-waste fashion, it is fitting that knitwear would continue to gain ground as a method for sculpting garments that notably reduce the excess scraps and fabric on the cutting room floor.

I, for one, could totally see myself passing down a knitwear gown to the next generation, at least as a testament to the fact that handwork and fiber couture is one of the best fashion investments available.

Images: Julia Ramsey Knitwear