Undecorate, Naturally: Part Two

Un-styling your space by just being yourself, randomly.

In Undecorate, Naturally: Part One, we established that the new way to decorate begins and ends with trusting your instincts, choosing what you like and just going for it. There are no wrong answers. The best way forward is straight through your doubts or fears, to the colors, patterns and pieces that express you.

Nothing is holding you back. If there are no rules, what’s next?

Random, that’s what. I encourage you to recognize how random it all is, that you can move stuff around, add something here or take it away from there. Everything changes all the time, and so can your decorating.

If you like the things you choose, it doesn’t matter if they match or clash; they will come together and mesh because they are saying something other than a famous designer’s name or recognizable label. They are saying something about you.

Nothing needs to be set in cement because, well, it isn’t. Except the roof over your head. The way you style your space can be interchangeable room by room, day by day.

Challenge yourself further by randomly selecting things and finding different places for them. See how well the switch acclimates to a new setting. The more random you are, the better you’ll express your space as your own, because you’ve given up trying to create a perfect place and accepted who you are and where you live, as it is. As random and changeable as ever.

Images: Trendey, From the Right Bank, nice*room, interiors porn, House Beautiful.