Unexpected Treasures: Jeffrey Levin’s Stacking Rings


For the perfect parable of how current fashion mores have come into alignment with sustainable design concepts, take a look at Los Angeles-based jeweler, Jeffrey Levin, and his eco-minded, stacking rings.

The locally manufactured rings, in recycled silver, gold and rose gold, exemplify the unexpected richness of fashion’s current mix and match style. Along with their white, black, and chocolate diamonds sourced and certified conflict-free, the rings land a solid eco blow. Instead of head-to-toe designer looks, the current fashion ethos favors a melding of mass market with thrift store and vintage with high-end designer to create a look that feels modern. And while you might have thought it was all Kate Moss’ idea, this concept of modularity is informing design across all disciplines.

The eco benefit of all this modularity for the jewelry-lover is there’s no waste. Unlike the days where ladies wore pearls with pastels during the day and gold with black in the evening, there now isn’t really a need to have extra jewelry waiting for the right occasion. Jewelry consumers are embracing mixing metals and hanging convention.

Inspired by his recent engagement, Levin’s stacking rings represent a metaphor for the relationship and the varied levels as they build one on another – from coming together, to the engagement, to the wedding and on to the milestones yet realized. So, while the true inspiration of this story is discovering an eco-modern classic that masterfully melds diverse elements – if for no other reason, invest for love’s sake.

Available online at jeffreylevin.com.

Rowena Ritchie

Rowena is EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Editor and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.