First All-Vegan Fashion Show Debuts at NYFW Fall/Winter 2013

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New York Fashion Week got a glimpse of a growing trend in fashion with Vaute Couture’s vegan show.

Anna Wintour would surely shudder at the lack of fur, but vegan fashionistas rejoiced as the first all-vegan animal rights fashion show hit NYFW last week when Vaute Couture took to the runway. Designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart expanded on her established outerwear and tee shirt line with ready-to-wear tops, dress, pants, skirts and sweaters all made from vegan and eco-friendly fabrics.

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It couldn’t have been better timing for the vegan debut at Fashion Week. Just last week, a huge victory came for animals and animal advocates as the EU announced a permanent move away from allowing the sale of any cosmetics that have been tested on animals. And the vegan diet continues to gain popularity with celebs, athletes and politicians advocating a plant-based diet. Just recently, Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, urged his city’s residents to consider adopting a vegetarian diet.

vegan fashion

And Hilgart showed off the glamorous side of veganism with sexy garments that were both lively and edgy. Colors were rich  in blacks, blues, greys and tans, reports Ecouterre. Hilgard also highlighted the development of new fabrics, including a luxe organic cotton velvet, recycled Thinsulate, 100 percent recycled satin and organic fleece, according to Ecoouterre. Hilgart said: “I want to show that we don’t have any excuse to wear animals.”

The show was sponsored in part by the Humane Society of the United States, one of the biggest animal advocacy groups in the country. The show also included several dogs (on the runway!) that were available for adoption.

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