Vintage Academe: Fabulous Eco-Couture & More


There’s “penny pinching” and “getting your money’s worth”, but what happened to “more for your money”? Where went the possibility of making a true investment and feeling secure and confident that yes, you spent your money well?

In these trying, financially frenzied times, the possibility of more of anything is very rare indeed. That’s why UK-based Vintage Academe is so significant. It’s much, much more than a fancy internet shop.

It all began last November 24th when the website launched with little more than a vintage frock or two in stock. Two British fashionistas, with business minds to boot, joined forces and closets to offer the everyday style savvy woman a chance at quality vintage clothing.

Vintage Academe “sources from the most important names in fashion and couture history: Balenciaga, Balmain, Dior, Lanvin and Yves St Laurent, to name a few, as well as a carefully selected collection of unlabelled pieces, chosen for their beauty, historical significance or wearability (and often all three).”

The focus is on quality – the goal is a glamorous selection of beautiful, timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Personally, I’d much rather put my hard-earned money towards a fabulous classic than the latest fast-fading trend.

But the fabulousness doesn’t stop there. Peruse Vintage Academe and you’ll find clothing care tips and The Journal, a blog-like stadium offering the latest fashion news. And of course, there are the Academes or special events held locally to gather like-minded vintage vixens for sharing, exploring and enlightening themselves about all things vintage and couture.

If you live in London and consider yourself a suitable student of vintage, sign up here for the opportunity to apply for an invitation to these exclusive affairs. Do it because I can’t (living in L.A. does have a few disadvantages), and then report back to me all the delicious details.