Etsy Handmade and Vintage Fashion Hunt: Get the Brigitte Bardot Bombshell Look

brigitte bardot

Our top Etsy handmade and exclusive vintage picks for that Temptress of St. Tropez look.

Brigitte Bardot is most often remembered as the iconic blond bombshell of the 1960s silver screen. The starring role in films like …And God Created Woman and The Girl in the Bikini turned her into the siren that wooed men and captivated women around the world. Her sense of style effortlessly mixed cool chic with the sex appeal that can only come with unassuming confidence and bewildering nonchalance. Little do most people know that the French actress left her sex icon status in 1973 in order to fight for animal rights, which has continued to be her passion to this day at the age of 78.As part of our Etsy vintage fashion flashback series we’ve rounded up our favorite Bardot looks from the online marketplace so that you can get that “animal rights activist under the guise of a sex kitten” look.

brigitte bardot

  • Start off simple with a Brigitte Bardot style headband from Mixbaby for a tres chic do that works with the hair up or down. Made from a rayon jersey and available in several different, super cute patterns, this comfy and easy-to-wear headband can be paired with black stretch leggings, a figure hugging mini dress and ballet flats for that Bardot babe look.


  • We’re loving this Bardot tied crop top from Suite, especially for the last weeks of sweltering summer weather. Made out of 100% cotton for excellent breathability, this summery top works well with a pair of ankle length trousers and tossed locks. Choose from a red and white gingham print or a crisp, all white cotton fabric.


  • Gorgeously tailored, this waist-high pencil skirt from ATELIERBERLIN is as sophisticated as it is sexy. Pair it with a blouse for the office or a crop top for less formal occasions, or take a cue from the pic below and don it with a casual boatneck top with scrunched sleeves.

brigitte bardot

  • When going for a fancier look, this strapless Brigitte Bardot style wiggle dress from madelinzero is sure to turn heads. Made from natural materials and tailored to accentuate a feminine waist, this will be a hit at your next cocktail party. Pair with kitten heels and a pink pout.


  • This leopard print fur coat, also from madelinzero (above)is the most Bardot-esque cover up we can think of. Lined in luxurious satin and (of course) made from fake fur, this timeless and chic coat can glam up even the demurest of outfits. Add a diamante brooch or two and sport some sexy gloves to really play the part.


  • This vintage fashion pick (alongside the amazing handmade pieces above) is an original Brigitte Bardot 1960s bustier from petuniaMacsCloset. Designed by the former actress herself, this very rare, vintage long-line bra is a real find – snag it before someone else does!

Bardot images: judacoregio, garann

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