7 Wall Painting Trends for Your Home Décor

Wall painting trends.

Looking to remodel, renovate or reinvigorate your space? One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get the look of a massive remodel without the expense (and the headache) involves just a few cans of paint and a long weekend.

Gone are the days when walls are expected to be just a backdrop to the rest of our decor–nowadays, they can be the star of the show! The recent trend in interior painting is for minimalist decor and for the walls to be focal point.

Don’t believe me? Just took a gander at some of these wall painting trends.

1. Color Blocking 

Example of color blocking.

Image: thepipe26

A big trend in both fashion and home decor, color blocking is simply creating visual interest and appeal by creating blocks of color. This can be done by painting large stripes, painting squares or rectangles or painting each wall a different color, the only limit is your imagination. See some fabulous color blocking painting examples on Pinterest.

2. Ombre

Ombre wall painting.

Image: AngieSix

Yet another big trend in both fashion and home design (there seems to be a trend forming here) is ombre. Ombre is when colors or shades of a color blend into each other.

While with color blocking the effect is bold and highlighting hard lines, with ombre subtlety and softness is the key. Here’s a great how-to video on how to get the effect.

3. Mixing Flat and Glossy Paint

It used to be the rule was living space walls should be flat with semi-gloss trim. But that rule has been thrown out the window. Walls don’t just have to be flat anymore. In fact, they can actually be the focal point of the room and even take the place of artwork, mirrors, pictures, or wallpaper. For example, use flat paint and gloss paint to create wall-paper like patterns, like in this example.

4. Stencils

Damask stencil wall painting.

Image: TheStencilStudio

Stencils are for people who like wallpaper, but hate applying wallpaper. You can make your own stencils or buy pre-made stencils to create unique freehand designs, repeat patterns, meaningful words, or really, anything. The only limitation here is your own fear and creativity. Let go and have fun creating a totally unique space.

5. Distressed or Shabby Chic 

Create a shabby chic or antiqued look with the distressed technique. Even if you live in a thoroughly modern condo in Manhattan, it’s possible to make your home look like it’s an old farmhouse, a pre-war Paris apartment or an aging English manor house.  Here’s a video how-to for rag painting to get that distressed faux painting look.

6. Metallic

Metallic paint finish.

Image: Sherwin-Williams

Metallic paint can add a bit of luxe to your walls. It can also be used to create a more industrial look as well. I like it when it’s used as a accent paint or to create wall-paper like patterns.

7. Trompe L’oeil

Leaving the best for last. Trompe l’oeil is a painting technique that intends to create a 3D optical illusion. It can be done in a very realistic way (where the illusion is meant to deceive) or in a more tongue-in-cheek way (in which the illusion is meant to be obviously not real). This chalkboard paint and mirror wall is a great example of the latter.

Top image: maureen lunn

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