DIY Creative Wallpaper Decorating Ideas: Wallpaper Everywhere But Walls


Many people like the idea of wallpaper, but when it comes to decorating a home with floor-to-ceiling pattern, reservations abound. Of course, there’s the work involved with papering the walls (more complicated than paint for sure), and then there’s the commitment to a graphic wall covering for at least several years, maybe more. Intimidating!

The solution is not to forgo wallpaper altogether, but rather to use it as an accent in your home–and not just on the walls, but in other, unexpected places.

For example, wallpaper the backs of your bookcases for a taste of paper without a huge commitment! It can add visual interest, pattern and appeal to an otherwise boring room. What other ways are there to use wallpaper in your home? There are literally hundreds of great wallpaper decorating ideas; here are a few of my favorites.

Wallpaper hom decor project ideas.

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8 Wallpaper Decorating Ideas

1. Framed Art

Some wallpaper is gorgeous enough to framed, so why not? And if you are artistic at all, wallpaper can be a great tool for use in collages, sculpture and more. See a tutorial from Vintage key West.

2. Graphic Tabletops

Use scraps of vintage wallpaper to paper the top of your coffee table, kitchen table or an end table. Top with a piece of custom cut glass to protect the surface. Mother Earth Living shares a tutorial.

3. Colorful, Cool Coasters

An easy way to incorporate wallpaper is to back glass coasters or top a tile coaster with wallpaper scraps. It’s a fun way to add pattern and color without having to do much work. See a tutorial from The Thinking Closet for the how-to.

4. Lovely Lampshades

Take a boring lampshade, add wallpaper and you’ve added instant visual dynamism to your decor. Here’s an easy tutorial from Redbook on how to liven up your lights.

5. Wallpaper Storage Tins

Repurpose soup cans, coffee cans, tea tins or paint cans by covering them with pretty wallpaper and using them to solve your storage problems. See Indie Fixx for an inspirational tutorial.

6. Bunting

Use leftover wallpaper to make a bunting for your next holiday/celebration. A wallpaper bunting can also be for everyday decoration too, like in a baby’s room, in the bedroom or in the office. Buntings are a fun, temporary way to decorate. See a tutorial from By Wilma.

7. Mobile/Lantern

Again for arty types, use wallpaper scraps and samples to make a hanging mobile or paper lantern. Here’s a tutorial from Ruffled for the how-to.

8. Dreamcatcher

Use wallpaper and an old embroidery hoop to make decorative “dreamcatchers” for over all the beds in your home. Heres’ a tutorial for inspiration.

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