Want Authentic Happiness? 4 Good Habits That Will Change Your Life


Authentic happiness comes with good habits and it’s the simple things that can change your life. When life hits you with a set back, go right back to the good habits that brought you happiness and peace in the first place.

Finding happiness and bliss in this life can be difficult with all the distractions that are constantly pulling us off track. But a few simple tried and true methods can change your life.

1. Fake it until your make it.

If you want authentic happiness, act like it. While it seems counterintuitive, it makes sense. I want to be a positive person that sees the goodness in everybody even though sometimes I don’t feel that way. But feelings follow actions so if you act like you love everyone even when want to make a disparaging comment, you’ll feel much better for it. If you want to be peaceful, act like it and eventually, you’ll begin to find more peace and balance in your life.

2. Learn to single-task.

One of the most important good habits that you can have is understanding that multi-tasking is overrated. In the end, you just do a bunch of things ineffectively. If you focus on one task at a time, you’ll end up doing that task much better. I like to start my day with about five things that I absolutely have to get done. I won’t stop working until I’ve accomplished those tasks. I work through my list one at a time. Single-tasking also means that my mind doesn’t move off task at all–that means no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, texting, or checking my bank account while I’m accomplishing a task. It allows for focus and mindfulness. In a sense, you’re meditating while you’re working.

3. Make every day a holiday.

This is your life so it seems a little depressing that you would only have two weekend days per week. Work is essential for most of us, but authentic happiness is about finding goodness in every day. Find focus and peace in what you’re working on and don’t get caught in a rut. As a writer, I’ll checkout a different coffee shop, take a walk on the beach, or ride my bike to break up the day. In the end, you don’t want your life to be separated into work and play. Find a balance so that there’s a little play in every day.

4. Be positive.

Try and be positive for as much of your life as you can. Don’t say negative things about people or things. Try and find gratitude each and every day. You’ll notice that every time you say something bad about someone else, you feel bad for saying it. While it’s no easy task, being positive will change your life and bring authentic happiness.

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