Watermelons: Alternative Fuel's Pick of the Picnic


If you think that watermelons are only good as thirst quenchers during the hot summer months, think again.

Last year, watermelons made headline news when scientists announced that it can have a Viagra-like effect.

Now, studies conducted at the Oklahoma Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have proven that the simple sugars in watermelon juice can be converted to ethanol. But with each 20 pound watermelon only producing enough sugar to derive approximately seven-tenths of a pound of ethanol, it’s going to take a whole lot of watermelons to make enough biofuel to get anything moving.

This shouldn’t be a problem given that approximately 20 percent of all watermelons are left in the fields (due to blemishes or deformities) are usually destroyed when the field is cleared for new planting.

Is there no end to the get up and go power of the common watermelon?

Image: theilr