We Heart Our Readers: Kristin Glenn, {r}evolution apparel

The girls of {r}evolution apparel are on a mission to ignite conversation in the fashion industry.

When Kristin Glenn (left) and Shannon Whitehead launched a Kickstarter project to fund their idea for a sustainably-produced convertible travel garment late last year, they had no idea the interest they’d generate. 796 backers contributed more than $64,000 dollars to the Versalette from {r}evolution apparel, making it the most funded fashion project in Kickstarter history. Now, Kristin and Shannon are working with producers in the U.S. to bring the garment to life, chronicling their production adventures on a blog, and keeping up on their conscious lifestyle news by reading EcoSalon. Here, Kristin chats with us about why she’s a regular reader.

Name: Kristin Glenn

Website: http://www.revolutionapparel.me

What sets EcoSalon apart from other publications you read?

In our quest for sustainability (in our business and our everday lives) it’s hard to find the cool, interesting, non-granola aspects of eco-living. EcoSalon brings so many things together – films we should be watching, companies to look out for, new and interesting things that actually apply to our lives! It’s not just for tree-huggers and it’s not just for snobby design people. It’s for readers like us who want to know what’s up in the eco-world in a relatable way.

Why did you start {r}evolution apparel and what do you hope to accomplish?

We started {r}evolution apparel in the hopes of sparking conversations about fashion and consumption. Fashion wreaks havoc on the environment and is a source of many human rights issues across the globe – and we’d like to put a spotlight on that through our products.

We hope that our apparel line helps tell the story of the fashion industry, and what we can all do to make fashion more ethical (and enjoyable).

Where did you get the inspiration for your first item, the Versalette?

We are both avid travelers and realized that there was a need for versatile, sustainable clothing while we were in Central America learning about sustainable textiles. Working towards reducing our consumption seemed to make a lot of sense, especially when we were living out of a backpack! And the Versalette was born…

You decided to fund the Versalette’s production through a Kickstarter campaign. How was that experience?

Fantastic, exciting, and nerve-wracking! We met so many people via Kickstarter who we never would have met otherwise. We offered pre-sales of our first piece, the Versalette, and ended up raising over $60,000. All-in-all, it was incredibly rewarding.

In your journey to bring the Versalette to life, what lessons have you picked up?

Our purchases make a difference. When we support a small button company or a recycled fabric company, it matters. The “butterfly effect” is very real.

Sustainability is about making the best decisions you can. Nothing is truly sustainable, but taking small steps towards that is what keeps us moving forwards.

People are generally awesome.

What’s next for {r}evolution apparel?

We will be going on a sustainable fashion tour this summer on the West Coast with an RV and some Versalettes, hoping to bring awareness to the issues behind fashion and consumption!

Jessica Marati

Jessica Marati currently resides in New York City and covers travel and sustainability for EcoSalon. Catch her weekly column, Behind the Label.