We Gotta Fight, for the Right, to Paaa” Hang Our Laundry?


I thought it was god-given or at least somewhere in the First Amendment, but it seems that the right to use a clothesline might soon be stripped away. Yes, you heard me. Your eco-friendly clothesline (the one you just ordered this weekend!) is in jeopardy. Your laundry is literally on the line.

Has a neighbor told you your hanging laundry linens offend? If so, you’re not alone. There are groups, volunteers, activists, working diligently to ban the clothesline. Seriously. And there are just as many of them fighting back, attempting to ban the bans.

When it comes to saving the planet – can’t we all just get along?

No one can argue with the cold, hard facts: using a gas or electric dryer is not as eco-nice as air-drying. Duh. I’ve already made my case. So, if you’re eager to say anything on the subject, just say no – to banning anything that in any way shape or eco-form is helping us help the planet. Please. In my opinion, saying anything else is just a waste of time, money and good old fashioned hot air.

via Natural Life Magazine

Image: netan